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BRB/Total Id Pigs

BRB/Total Id Pigs

After Ian’s performance, I’ll be playing crackly, sparkly sonic drone sounds.bass guitar.noise-in-a-box.shoedaze.

“Ian Swanson’s one night site-specific performance, BRB/Total Id Pigs, explores the relationship between ordinary objects and the ideas, people, places and events attached to them. Borrowing elements of various ritual paradigms, the performance is designed to remind us how commerce and ephemera shape our reality, asking us to consider how we define ourselves, and how history defines us.”
—Ian Swanson
Detroit Dynamism

AETHER | αἰθήρ | aithēr | spacetime | verve

Some reading: History of Lorentz Transformations & Ether and the Theory of Relativity

nospectacle performed at Movement: Detroit’s Electronic Music Festival. Photos and videos have begun trickling in…

Flash forward: Walter Wasacz and I co-curated THE ENRAGED WILL INHERIT THE EARTH at Public Pool and it has since come to an end.

We’re making room for Tim Hailey’s “Star in the Ghetto.”

guest marimba player with monster island

I’ve been trying to wrap my head around the idea of what should be. I definitely need people to submit content. It needs to be supported by the local artists and followers or else the whole concept is rubbish. I think it’s looking good, though. Check it out for yourself and take a peek at the next show at 2739 Edwin.

Biking as much as I can… 2 of my buddies got hurt biking so I’m sad about that. That reminds me. I just got purchased HAMTRAMCKBIKES.COM ! ! ! 

Once that site gets up and running, we can share resources and schedule bike rides. You can post sweet pictures of your ride!

I want to make people more aware of bicycle culture & etiquette. It’s so important in this 2.2 sq mile town. We’ve got people riding the wrong way in the street with no helmets at night. 

How can there be no bike shop in Hamtramck? The shame! I have seen more bikes this year than ever before. Teenager BMX gangs. Grocery shoppers. Artsy commuters. My friend Jon has custom built a seat for his boy on the front of his bike. Pretty righteous! 

More soon.

Public Pool Art News

Join us at Public Pool July 2 for the closing of TEWITH this Saturday, July 2 marks the closing of THE ENRAGED WILL INHERIT THE EARTH.

Metal Dungeon (Davin Brainard & Wade Kergan) and Monster Island (Cary Loren, Matthew Smith & Jamie Easter) close a most stimulating six-week run for this group show, which features work by Davin Brainard, Doug Coombe, Jamie Easter, Carey Loren, Jennifer Paull, Chris Pottinger, Michael Segal and Ryan Standfest.

The best is saved for last. Live harsh beautiful moonlit electronics performance by Metal Dungeon (starts at 9:30 p.m.) followed by a rare appearance by a stripped-down version of Monster Island at 11 p.m. Beer from Traffic Jam. The event is free, donations for beverages are most welcome. Open gallery hours still run earlier in the day between 1-6pm.

I will be providing live sounds this Saturday, June 18 at Public Pool for a special event called HULLAB, part of the show I co-curated with Walter Wasacz entitled “THE ENRAGED WILL INHERIT THE EARTH. In the show, I also have some assemblage work “I AM A WALLET” and “DEATH, ENVY, LOVE, FAME” and “BANKING, VIOLENCE AND THE INNER LIFE TODAY.” 

Ryan Standfest has work in the show called “GOT DAMN LOVE SONG IN MY HEAD (CANT GET IT OUT BY GOLLY) to which I have provided sound work. 

All in all, it’s a very eclectic group of folks who are in the show: Davin Brainard, Doug Coombe, Jamie Easter, Cary Loren, Ryan Standfest (sound by yours truly), Chris Pottinger and Michael Segal. The closing event is on Saturday, July 2 and features MONSTER ISLAND (Cary Loren, Jamie Easter and Matthew Smith) and Davin Brainard and Wade Kergan in METAL DUNGEON.  

Recently I had the opportunity to perform with nospectacle at MOVEMENT this past Memorial Day weekend. It went over quite well!

More to come…

Toronto for Brendan Perry, a set on Flickr.

2011-06-04 at 19-50-24Bluewater Bridge2011-06-05 at 14-22-482011-06-04 at 22-43-44

Toronto for Brendan Perry, a set on Flickr.

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